Quality You Can See

And some you cannot…

Every carb is assembled with factory-sourced jets and rods, as well as ethanol-compatible gaskets (not available on every carb – but most do). Selecting Made-In-USA is a first-priority when making all part & component selections.

Components are hand-fit & finished, ensuring proper fit and function. Small details like hand sanding of the accelerator pump lever pads for less friction and using a tap & die to clean up threads are the norm. Same for using petroleum jelly on all threads (Holley recommendation – though used on every carb) and spraying all gaskets with a release-agent for easier future disassembly – yes, even on non-stick gaskets. For Holly carbs, a primary vent baffle is installed with every carb – unless requested otherwise.

It is fair to note that this is not a restoration-level service. This is a rebuild, renew, overhaul – whatever you want to call it service. I offer an elevated level of competency and expertise in what I do, but chose not to offer dichromate or plating services. If new-finish fasteners and bolt-on components are wanted, they can be purchased and installed.

I have always been more fond of mechanical parts with a well-used but well cared-for patina over shiny new – my personal preference. With that, all my carbs and hardware are immersion (tub) and hand-cleaned (parts-washer) in a waterborne aviation degreaser before being ultrasonically cleaned. Ferrous metals are also immersed in a machinist-grade rust-remover solution. 

These processes are labor-intensive, but allows the grain-flow and natural colorization of the base metals to come forward to be enjoyed. Media blasting and paints/coatings hide or remove these subtleties and are not used on any part except for the accelerator pump arm adjuster spring – which may have a red coating.