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Reconditioned & Rebuilt Used Carburetors

Offering popular factory-spec hand-rebuilt carburetors series like Holley 1920, 2300, 4150, 4160, 4165, 4175, 4180, 4190, Edelbrock AFB Performer & AVS Thunder, and Stromberg WW series carbs.


Not sure if that’s what you have? Email us a picture of your carb including any stamped numbers longer than 3#s and we’ll let you know.


RC Dark

Our cleaning & prep process includes non-solvent-based aviation degreasers, rust & corrosion eliminators, steam & ultrasonic cleaning, polishers & brighteners, and plenty of elbow-grease leaving a naturally clean patina while preserving the graining and rich color-tones of aged metals and coatings. We do not use media-blasting in any of our processing.


All reconditioned carburetors are rebuilt to factory-specs and include the highest-quality metering devices (jets, rods, needle & seats) and ethanol-compatible gaskets from sources like Holley, Edelbrock, Braswell, BLP, AED, Walker, and others. Made-in-USA selections are a first priority and are readily available in most instances.


Rebuilt carbs not only preserve your vehicle’s authenticity, but is an economical option, with rebuilt carburetors typically costing 45-65% less than new. In many instances, purchasing a rebuilt carb is the only option considering the availability of in-stock carburetors.


Need some modifications? Just ask – we’re to serve daily drivers to weekend toys and cruise-night rides, welcome all! (no street-strip or track carbs)


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