NOS Stromberg WW 272 – reference picture

This is a beauty! A 50+ year-old NOS Stromberg WW 272A carburetor I recently sold. This was a museum quality piece that I used to document the WW for future renew projects.

NOS Stromberg 272A carburetor picture

It is remarkable that after all these years it was just bouncing around and never installed. Nonetheless, it served my purpose well

I understand it is now mounted on a 66 Coronet – sweet!

Holley Old vs New Non-Stick Gasket Comparison

The brown Holley carburetor gasket is the old style from a never-opened NOS carb renew kit.

PXL 20200926 144513910.PORTRAIT

And while the gasket looks great (amazingly so) these brown gaskets are a pain to remove. So… I am matching this old one with its modern non-stick (blue) replacement to make life easier – for everyone. Details matter…

Holley vs Aftermarket Carburetor Jet Comparison

Look at the differences of the inside bevel…

IMG 20200919 141031 363

On the left is a genuine Holley jet – the right is aftermarket crap.

Rest assured; I only use original equipment (OE) jets on all carburetor renew projects.

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